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A Virtual Call Center providing flexible work from home opportunities and support to Customer Service Professionals

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Customer service

  1. Bi-Monthly Record Processing
    Bi-Monthly you will receive a detailed statement/invoices for the client(s) that you have elected to service. This statement will include your service hours, bonuses, incentives and compensation offered by your selected client Service of Work Agreement.
  2. Recordkeeping
    We will maintain organized and accurate records to assist you with monitoring your business growth, service agreements, contracts, client opportunities, and earnings. You can request records for your files for up to 7 years after the time that you have serviced your client.
  3. Customer Service Professional Support Services
    A wide plethora of services are provided to help our CPS's become and remain successful with the client. Services include but are not limited to assistance with registration, enrollment, selecting client opportunities, course training support, certified servicing CPS career support.
  4. Always thankful inc. Career Support liaison
    Your personally asssigned Always Thankful Inc. Career Support Liaison will meet with you at minimum twice a month to set goals, answer questions, offer advise on to how to improve your call quality and metrics, how to increase your service rating and provide better service to your client. We encourage our team to meet often as needed.
  5. Resolution Specialist
    Our team of Resolution Specialist will advocate, research, report and update you with solutions to any incident, and/or issues that may come up with Always Thankful Inc., Arise Virtual Solutions or Serviced Client. Resolution Specialist work with you and your Always Thankful Career Support Liaison until your issue has been resolved.
  6. CPA/Taxes Advise
    You have invested into your business and accounting can be a hassle . We will connect you to local CPA and Tax Professionals in your area to assist you with your business' accounting needs so you can focus your time and effort on growing your business and your bank account.